Odd errors on 64-bit machine - resolved (i think?)

Apr 24, 2013 at 10:15 PM
Just wanted to post this for other users that may have the same experience...

Development of package on Win7 x64, SSIS 2008r2 x64, no problem. I then deployed my package out to Server (SSIS 2008R2 x64 on Win2008R2 x64) for execution under Sql Agent, and also deployed the Send HTML Mail Task v1.0.2 using MSI.

I was getting errors referring to the inability to load the Send HTML Mail Task properly.

What I realized (I think?) is that the installer plops the dll into the 32-bit Program Files (x86) by default, but once i copy/pasted the DLL into the 64-bit directory as well (non x86 path reference), it ran fine. so my guess is that some component of SSIS is apparently running or at least references each app directory. This same issue did not apply to another one of Todd's custom Tasks (File Properties Task), because it worked fine prior to copy/pasting to the 64-bit, but I did it for that one as well, JIC!